Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Krudger on Winged Slasher finished

USHRUG THE LIAR on OLD HOB, Krudger on Winged Slasher

UNIT SZ   SP   ME   RA   DE   AT   NE     PTS
   1      10   3+   --   5+   10  16/18   285

SPECIAL: Hero(Mon), Crushing Strength (3), Inspiring, Fly

Like the rest of his boys, Ushrug prefers to go by night, and so, naturally, does Old Hob. Hob's pellets are scrutinised in stomach-churning detail by the tribe's shamans as a powerful means of scrying the future, and telling what she's been eating.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Krudger on Winged Slasher assembled

I've used the basic EM4 orc archer here, swapping the bow for a spare Fireforge plastic spear, and attaching some reins in the other hand. The rope is left over from an old Citadel finecast kit and was in my bits box. The owl is from Schleich and cost about three quid I think.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Ax regiment finished

Here's my first rough and ready regiment of orcs finished. Full cost including minis, bases and plasticard for shields and standard is about three and a half quid. Will need to increase the footprint of the unit a little for KoW, and there are few ways to do that.


UNIT SZ   SP   ME   RA   DE   AT   NE   PTS
 Regt     5    4+   --   5+   12  13/15 125

SPECIAL: Base Size (25x25), Crushing Strength(1),

Ushrug's boys always prefer to attack by night, and revere 'Old White Face' as a profane idol, doing unspeakable cruelties in her name under cover of darkness.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Ax Regiment based and primed

These models are single piece miniatures, which saves a lot of time when prepping them, but a large chunk of that time is lost when it comes to cleaning mould lines, and, in my case, removing the integral bases and attaching the new ones. So it's for reasons of time as well as economy that I've decided to represent regiments with 12 minis rather than the 'proper' 20. That's perfectly fine within the rules, as long they occupy the right unit footprint. I haven't quite decided what to do about movement trays- that's a blog post all by itself.

The standard bearer here is a simple conversion. The moon shape is made from plasticard, chopped up and knocked about and lashed to the pole with thin wire that I'll paint to look like hide strips. I'ce continued the theme of using a looted knight's helm as a topper.

The moon shape will be echoed on their shields, which I've got a plan for...

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Standard Bearer/Flagger

Here's a standard bearer made from an EM4 orc with spear. I'll be using the EM4 plastics for as much of my infantry as I can. They're incredibly cheap at 16 pence each, and I like the way they look: long-armed and bow legged, just as Tolkien described!

The banner itself is made from a sort of leather paper- the stuff that the patch on the back of a pair of Levis is made from. I had an old Muji notebook cover made from it. Works nicely as a roughly made hide banner.

I used Rustoleum Surface Primer in oxide red to prime and undercoat, picked out details in a few other colours and then added Strong Tone Quickshade dip with a brush. Nice and quick. I'll do a full paint list and basing recipe when I do a regiment.

KAZRAG, Orc Flagger

UNIT SZ   SP   ME   RA   DE   AT   NE   PTS
   1      5    4+   --   4+   1   9/11  50

SPECIAL: Hero (inf), Base Size (25x25), Crushing Strength(1), Individual, Inspiring

Kazrag holds aloft the tattered hide displaying Nathrak's sigil, the Great Eye. The pole is topped by the helm, and within it the head, of Sir Borrick of Kess, decapitated by Nathrak himself at the Battle of the Greywash.

Monday, 16 January 2017

The General Idea, and a Giant.

In this blog I'm going to build a 28mm orc army (possibly with some goblins too) for Kings of War and other systems, and I'm going to be doing it as quickly and cheaply as I can manage, while still producing something I'm proud to put on the table.

This is the first unit I've finished- a giant. He's a repurposed toy from ELC's old 'Tower of Doom' range. I found it in my kids' toybox, forgotten and unloved, and missing his axe, so I made him a new weapon from milliput, string and the weird round sprue you get with GW Finecast stuff. He fit - just about - on a 50mm square base, and after some paint, he's ready for war!


UNIT SZ   SP   ME   RA   DE     AT     NE     PTS
   1      7    4+   --   5+   (D6+6)  17/19   190

SPECIAL: Brutal, Crushing Strength (3), Fury, Strider

Agrat earns his keep on campaign not only by decimating armies and pulling down fortifications, but by consuming the enemy's livestock and crops. He supplements his immense appetite by consuming the battle-dead, friend or foe.